Ресторант и вино бар Графит, София

What is a wine bar?

An Oasis,  a paradise, pleasure … The wine bar is a soul treatment, where you can try different types of „drugs“ to find the most appropriate for you…

Seriously … this is a bar, a restaurant offers a wide selection of wines and really delicious food. Our wine list is precisely selected and suitable for suggested meal menu. Ask the waiter for a qualified suggestion from our sommeliers.

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Wine bar in Sofia

There are several really good places focusing on selling and talking about good wines in Sofia.  Graphite restaurant is one of them. Bulgaria suggested many quality wines, which you can find here, as well as foreign ones, of course. We believe in the beauty, story, and seriousness of wine, but also think the experience should be enjoyable and unpretentious. If you can’t smile and laugh while you drink and live, you should change the wine!

Basic knowledge of wine. Popular type of good wines

Wine is one of the most diverse, complex and nuanced drinks in the world. If you’re interested in learning about the different types of wine, you should check several wine guides. They will teach you everything you need to know about a wine type including:
* A general overview of the wine type – like its country of origin and worldwide popularity.
* What it commonly tastes like.
* What types of food it pairs well with.
* Popular bottles of that specific style of wine.

Common Wine Terms:
* Acidity. Acidity is the backbone of white wines. While some red wines, like Sangiovese, can be acidic, white wine grapes, like Riesling, are naturally highly acidic. Acidity provides that crisp, refreshing quality that white wine drinkers love. A wine with too much acidity will taste tart, whereas a wine with too little acid will seem flat and bland.
* Body. Wines are often described as being light bodied, medium bodied or full bodied. The term “body” or “bodied” refers to how thick or thin the wine feels in your mouth. A light bodied wine will feel thin in your mouth, whereas a full bodied wine will feel robust and rich in your mouth. Red wines tend to be medium to full bodied while white wines tend to be light to medium bodied.
* Tannins. Tannins are the backbone of red wines. These organic substances are found in the skin and seeds of wine grapes and give wine a bitter and astringent taste. Overly tannic wines (which are usually lower quality dry red wines) make your cheeks pucker and leave your mouth feeling dry.
* Variety. Varietal and variety are wine terms misused by wine rookies and seasoned wine veterans alike. Variety is a noun used to describe the GRAPE that’s used to make a wine. For example: Chardonnay variety, Cabernet Sauvignon variety, Pinot Noir variety, etc.

Popular types of red wine
* Sangiovese
* Pinot Noir
* Syrah/Shiraz
* Merlot
* Cabernet Sauvignon

Popular types of white wine
* Chenin Blanc
* Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio
* Riesling
* Sauvignon Blanc
* Chardonnay

There are couples different types of wine you should know, though to a beginner, the world of wine can seem completely overwhelming. The world of wine is complex and nuanced, but, after learning about the different types of wine, you have taken the biggest step towards fully understanding it.